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What is customer experience?

Customer experience is the sum total of all interaction between a customer and a supplier.

It includes the quality and reliability of products and services, how quickly a customer receives attention, the attitude and behaviour displayed towards the customer, the promises a supplier makes – and whether they are kept – and indeed if the customer is helped in extra ways to make his life easier.

It is a mix of the physical, what is done and the emotional, how it is done.

The quality of the experience is always judged by the customer and that judgement is always relative to the customer’s expectations.

Why is customer experience important?

Despite a mountain of evidence which links customer satisfaction and profitability, great customer experience is relatively rare. For every John Lewis, First Direct or Pret a Manger there are at least ten BTs, NPowers or Ryanairs.

But it’s not quite so simple as to say good service equals good profits and bad service equals bad profits.

BT, NPower and Ryanair all feature near the bottom of every customer satisfaction table going and are highly profitable – so what’s the problem?

The problem is that bad service has damaged these organisations. Bad service destroys reputations, costs money and harms staff engagement. And all of these are bad for the bottom line.

BT and NPower can mask the effects of bad service because their customers have extremely limited choice. And Ryanair sells on price and its profits are boosted by its notorious and unfair extra charges.

So if you are fighting for customers, and don’t want to compete on price, talk to Customer Plus about the benefits and practice of delivering great customer experience.

How to deliver great customer experience

Every business will tailor its approach to its customer and competitive landscape however the guiding principles are constant:

  • Great customer experience begins at the top and requires the understanding and commitment of senior executives
  • Customer experience works inside out so start with employee engagement
  • Customers are emotional and how they are treated is at least as important to them as what they buy
  • The quality of customer experience should be monitored and service problems should be recovered quickly and learned from

Working with Customer Plus

Customer Plus follows a simple three step approach:

  • Discovery – research and intelligence to understand our clients’ problems and opportunities
  • Development – co-creation of plans to fit our clients values and resources
  • Delivery – creative and effective implementation

Why work with us

Customer Plus consultants work with organisations across the country of all shapes and sizes – from SMEs and start ups to housing associations to some of the biggest brands in the UK. This depth and breadth of experience is something we’re keen to foster and encourage for the value it brings to all our clients

Our consultants lecture in marketing at the Universities of Derby, Coventry, Nottingham and Sheffield Hallam, and our culture of learning requires all our consultants undertake constant professional development and are members of professional bodies

Working with Customer Plus means working with people who learn and share by default. Knowledge transfer is a key part of our working relationship with you – you will become immersed in the customer experience and how it happens

Since our inception our work has garnered awards, been commended as best practice, and far more importantly delivered substantial return-on-investment for our clients

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Who we work with

20,000 nominations for customer service excellence

Driving a consistent service culture for TrustFord so that every customer’s experience was a great one, supporting 8% sales growth during the recession...

19% increase in NPS driven by employee engagement

Delivering a strategic vision and internal communications strategy for rail engineering consultancy that drove NPS from +41 to +60 and employee NPS from +22 to +38...

£100,000,000 savings through successful culture change

Engaging 55,000 staff for Birmingham City Council, Europe’s largest local authority, to deliver a radical culture change and year-on-year revenue savings...