“Customer Plus brought structure and focus to our digital transformation programme and there was a notable change in progress when they came on board as change management consultants." John Deehan, Programme Manager, Turner & Townsend

Digital transformation to provide more a more reliable service.

The Client:

Turner & Townsend is a global professional services company specialising in project management, cost management and consulting. Working across the property, infrastructure and natural resources sectors, they manage some of the world’s most prestigious projects.

Key Benefits:

  • A reliable assessment of the current level of stakeholder engagement
  • Risk reduction
  • Buy in from a diverse employee audience
  • Timely project launch to budget

The Challenge:

Turner & Townsend were embarking on a company wide digital transformation project which would change the way their staff worked, speed up routine processes and generally make the business more efficient. Customer Plus were asked to deliver a strategic marketing communications and engagement plan, supporting the ambitious global change programme.

The Work:

Customer Plus devised and delivered a behavioural communication plan to:

  • Ensure all stakeholders understood what, how and why digital transformation was happening
  • Provide Turner & Townsend with substantial support to elicit successful business change
  • Create a simple overarching vision that everyone could relate too
  • Provide all stakeholders with the right messages at the right time to stimulate the right action
  • Improve employee morale, satisfaction and engagement

The Results:

Our work enabled Turner & Townsend to:

  • Manage all levels of stakeholder engagement effectively throughout the project
  • Provide additional support and attention to those stakeholders less engaged
  • Use the overarching vision created by Customer Plus in ongoing internal and external communications
  • Reduce risk and learn from experience in ongoing projects