Customer Plus: Communicating successful business change within Europe’s largest local authority

Communicating successful business change within Europe’s largest local authority

£100,000,000 savings through successful culture change

Birmingham City Council

Birmingham City Council (BCC) is the largest local authority in Europe, providing services for over a million people through its 50,000 employees. In 2007 they developed the Working for the Future (WFTF) programme to reduce property usage costs and improve service delivery.

Engaging employees through a period of constant change

The recent austerity measures from Government have seen their budget reduced by 28% – or £300m – between 2011-2015. What started as an efficiency and value-for-money programme became imperative as the Council entered a period of constant change to protect frontline services.

BCC asked Customer Plus to create a communications strategy to engage employees, take them through the change programme and implement the communications on-site for the duration of the programme.

Their target was to improve service delivery – and save £100m over the course of a seven year programme.

55 buildings and 10,000 office moves later, BCC locked in the savings and are benefiting every day from the efficiencies enabled by a successful culture change.

Preparing for and sustaining change

We worked alongside stakeholders up, down, left and right to make sure we were rooted in the transformation BCC wanted to see.

In partnership with other suppliers and internal customers we built and sustained a successful culture change programme by keeping the story relevant and the compelling benefits and business case front-and-centre of all communications activity.


Customer Plus has delivered a quick research service, enabling us to adapt our strategy to reduce costs and improve efficiencies. The results are in a format that is easy to digest and help us to forward plan.   Quote_small

Ray Windless – Transformation Director, Service Birmingham

Delivering value-for-money for Europe’s largest local authority

  • Ensured 10,000 employees moved from 55 offices to eight and adopted new work styles – saving the Council £100m
  • Engaged all 50,000 internal stakeholders and all external stakeholders (including the 1.1m citizens of Birmingham) at all stages of communication – taking them from unawareness to action
  • Communicated achievement through hitting targets and producing winning submissions for prestigious national awards – including the coveted British Council of Offices Best Corporate Workplace 2013



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