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Driving a first class client service position for a growing rail consultancy

Doubled the number of clients solely using Interfleet for their consultancy


Founded in 1911, SNC-Lavalin is one of the leading engineering and construction groups in the world and a major player in the ownership of infrastructure.

In 2011, SNC-Lavalin acquired international rail consultancy Interfleet. With specialists working on rolling stock, infrastructure, rail control systems and strategic transport advisory services Interfleet will be rebranded to its parent company name, SNC-Lavalin from January 2016.

Following the acquisition, SNC-Lavalin has global capabilities in rail and transit, serving clients worldwide and Interfleet will be known as SNC-Lavalin Rail & Transit across many of its regions.

Using client insight to stay ahead of the competition

Interfleet have been ranked as an excellent service provider in terms of functionality and a supplier of strong technical expertise, however a considerable increase in competition within the consultancy sector led them to identify a vital demand to boost their USP and to offer their clients a lot more than a standard level of service.

Recognising the importance of client satisfaction and as part of Interface, a wider client satisfaction programme, Interfleet commissioned Customer Plus to undertake qualitative client research in 2010 which was then repeated in 2014, with a view to ensuring its customer service is a differentiator and continuing its focus on the client experience.

  • Understanding attitudes towards Interfleet’s service provision
  • Clarifying the nature of the relationship between Interfleet and their clients
  • Increase clients value for money
  • Tailoring clients’ needs to enhance quality and not just functionality
  • Introduce a more innovative spirit amongst staff

In 2013, Customer Plus were honoured to sponsor Interfleet’s commendation for the Customer Experience Excellence Award for the 3rd year running reflecting a successful outcome of the project. Throughout 4 years of operation following our surveys, Interfleet have witnessed huge improvements in their added value approach to clients. Despite their continuous increase in size, with our help Interfleet managed to keep the bespoke requirements of their clients in sight redirecting them on to their path towards differentiation.

Guiding a client satisfaction improvement programme

We developed a concise survey to use as a benchmark over a four year period. From the survey 60 clients from 29 significant customers were interviewed and asked to respond to questions surrounding vital areas of operations such as accessibility, responsiveness, communication, interpersonal skills, quality of advice and timeliness – maximising our capacity to offer solid recommendations


Net Promoter Score

Year-on-year improvements towards client service excellence

  • Interfleet’s net promotor score has made an obvious increase from +41 in 2010 to +60 in 2014
  • 49% of clients now use Interfleet as their only consultancy as opposed to only 26% of clients in 2010
  • Clients ranked Interfleet at least 1% higher on all aspects of service provision in particular keeping them updated with project progress
  • Over four years Interfleet have excelled by improving 32 out of 36 aspects of their service considered to be highly credited due to the scale of growth that has occurred at the same time
  • The number of compliments from clients has vastly increased