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Engage your employees
Engage your employees

Internal communications

Engaged employees build better relationships with customers and live your brand convincingly. Internal communications are crucial to engage employees and develop and reinforce the brand across the organisation to make the business a success.

The behaviours and attitudes your communications reinforce are the ones your employees demonstrate, and the ones your customers will experience when they pick up the phone, go to your website or visit your premises.

Plan your messaging for organisational success

An internal communications plan disseminating the right message to the right people at the right time is crucial.

We work with you to understand your business requirements for internal communications and create a plan utilising leadership and employee insight to design key messaging delivered through a schedule of two-way communications.

Creating successful change

Successful change programmes feature high levels of engagement, communication and mutual understanding between those designing, implementing, and affected by the change.

It is clear that successful change programmes have a dedicated communications team – failing programmes don’t. Which is why communications is recognised as a key requirement for successful change.

When we plan change communications with you we ensure the change brand works in tandem with your internal brand and is structured to take your people with you – raising awareness, developing understanding, building conviction and delivering action.


An audit of your internal communications using proven tools and techniques

Creation of an actionable internal communications strategy incorporating business objectives, audiences and communication channels

Integration of communication, insight and training to start and continue the conversation with your employees

Using the Customer Plus brand essence wheel to identify the emotive and rationale elements of your organisation to develop a memorable and engaging brand

Communication materials and channels, both on and off line, are designed and developed to support your business goals

We develop insightful content planners to create engaging and informative on and off line newsletters

Using tried and tested methodology we work with you to create an engaging and user friendly intranet that meets your objectives

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Who we work with

20,000 nominations for customer service excellence

Driving a consistent service culture for TrustFord so that every customer’s experience was a great one, supporting 8% sales growth during the recession...

19% increase in NPS driven by employee engagement

Delivering a strategic vision and internal communications strategy for rail engineering consultancy that drove NPS from +41 to +60 and employee NPS from +22 to +38...

£100,000,000 savings through successful culture change

Engaging 55,000 staff for Birmingham City Council, Europe’s largest local authority, to deliver a radical culture change and year-on-year revenue savings...