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Develop your employees
Develop your employees

Learning and development

Great customer experiences are generated by satisfied, loyal and productive employees. Our learning consultants provide tailored solutions in strategic and behavioural learning to encourage your employees to reach their potential while living your brand.

Customer Plus specialise in designing bespoke courses to deliver your business goals. Planning a learning and development programme means understanding what you want to achieve, then putting the right programme in place to ensure your people can take you there.

Learning and development courses designed for people

Learning is tailored to the requirements of your organisation, underpinned by theory and tried-and-tested methods. We design our courses to be practical, interactive, energising, and varied, so your employees enjoy the course and retain positive associations of both the course content and the learning process.

All activities encourage learning through self-discovery, and challenge participants within a positive learning environment.

Engage your people as they learn

Learning and development is a moment where you can strongly reinforce your internal brand by demonstrating your values to your employees and delivering your brand promise.

Our trainers are all accredited professionals who understand the importance of performance to educate and engage your employees.


Working with your senior management team to develop their knowledge and enhance their skills to achieve business objectives

Helping your people see what it takes to create customer service excellence – and the path they need to walk to make it happen

Building the understanding of the sales pipeline, the emotional and rational elements of selling, and the right attitude and behaviours to adopt to close the sale

Use this powerful framework to understand, build rapport with and positively influence your colleagues and customers

The single scariest thing you can do – broken down, understood, practised step-by-step and performed until your people feel comfortable communicating what they need to however large the audience

Helping your people see the role of marketing in your business and their role in the marketing process. Useful for organisations and their senior managers who may not have needed to do much marketing previously

Developing the right attitudes and behaviours in individuals and helping them explore their goals, their limits, and the actions they can take to develop in their work and life

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20,000 nominations for customer service excellence

Driving a consistent service culture for TrustFord so that every customer’s experience was a great one, supporting 8% sales growth during the recession...

19% increase in NPS driven by employee engagement

Delivering a strategic vision and internal communications strategy for rail engineering consultancy that drove NPS from +41 to +60 and employee NPS from +22 to +38...

£100,000,000 savings through successful culture change

Engaging 55,000 staff for Birmingham City Council, Europe’s largest local authority, to deliver a radical culture change and year-on-year revenue savings...