Turn customer experience inside out

The importance of customer experience is widely understood but less well recognised is that it starts inside an organisation – with internal customers. Anyone who works for your company and relies on other employees or departments is classed as an internal customer. In other words our colleagues are internal customers!

Employee experience has not been given priority over the years, with focus on engagement, inspiration or workspace being the exception rather than the rule. Why? Because employers held all the cards and many simply didn’t understand the return on staff investment. Times are changing though and the role of the HR department is evolving from the purely transactional work of contracts and procedures. Recent research from The Society for Human Resources Management found that managing talent should be HR’s top priority as bargaining power shifts towards employees.

The gig economy and portfolio careers are no longer just buzz phrases. They are major economic forces. Employers must respond by creating attractive workplaces at every level. Culturally, emotionally and physically.

Jacob Morgan, the author of The Future of Work, studies the evolving workplace and his findings support what we practice and preach at Customer Plus. Ensure your employees feel valued by giving them the right tools for the job; understand and help them achieve their goals; provide fast feedback and recognise them for doing good work!

Turn customer experience inside out by focusing on your people so they focus on your customers!

Do you measure and manage internal customer experience? Do your people have the right tools and technology? Are your people developing as well as working?


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