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Who we’ve worked with

20,000 nominations for customer service excellence

Driving a consistent service culture for TrustFord so that every customer’s experience was a great one, supporting 8% sales growth during the recession...

19% increase in NPS driven by employee engagement

Delivering a strategic vision and internal communications strategy for rail engineering consultancy that drove NPS from +41 to +60 and employee NPS from +22 to +38...

£100,000,000 savings through successful culture change

Engaging 55,000 staff for Birmingham City Council, Europe’s largest local authority, to deliver a radical culture change and year-on-year revenue savings...

100% increase in turnover ahead of growth targets

Delivering a strategic marketing function that supported a doubling of turnover within a three year period – ahead of growth targets, and implemented new coordinated sales channels.

NPS increased 19 points through valuable insight

Providing the information needed to improve on excellence, delivering research that increased NPS by 19 points and overall percentage rating service as ‘Excellent’ by 20 points.

Redesigning the brand for a community of 8,500 tenants

Delivered ten strategic recommendations to deliver improved communications with tenants and stakeholders and rolled out a full rebrand across all collateral in three months.

10 deliverables for CX performance improvements

Delivered a critique of customer communications across all channels within the service centre, providing an industry-wide comparison and 10 recommendations to act on.

Conversing with 15 most valued clients for honest appraisal

Enabled marketing with strategic insight to attract new clients and understand future buying behavior in a changing market, driving up credibility and responsiveness to client needs.

Over 1,500 nominations for employee service excellence

Delivered results against key internal measures to build the internal sense of community, with eNPS increased 27 points and all 750 employees trained to receive the Perrys diploma.

Outperformed the market year-on-year

Produced quarterly research reports on time and within budget for Chaucer for 15 consecutive occasions – and counting, benchmarking Chaucer against industry competitors.

45% uplift in returning students choosing university halls

Delivered improvements on all measures, including 5% increase in staff engagement score, and Winner of ‘Best Customer Service’ category in the National Student Housing Survey.

On-target revenue and profit growth for 2014/15

Developed strategic repositioning for growth and launched two new brands contributing to gross profit of 35% and a 15% net growth in profit.