The all things customer consultancy.

Customer Plus offers a wide skill set to meet the demands of modern day customer management. Marketing, employee engagement and process improvement all under one roof and working together with the simple aim of winning and keeping customers for our clients.

We teach how improving customer experience creates a happier more efficient working environment and improves financial performance. 

Customer Plus’s consultants work with organisations of all shapes and sizes. From SMEs and start ups to large public sector organisations and some of the biggest brands in the UK. Since 2006, our work has won awards, been commended as best practice and delivered excellent results for our clients.

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Our Services


Great customer experiences start from inside the organisation. Engaged, motivated and customer focused employees are proven to improve customer experience and in turn business performance.

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Insight into the motivations and attitudes which drive your customers’ and employees’ behaviour. Develop and tailor what you do to find key motivators and to meet and exceed customer and employee expectations.

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Marketing Communications

The strength of your brand is based on your customer experience. We help to create that meaning so your brand matters, your position strengthens, and your organisational performance excels.

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Learning & Development

Great customer experience is generated by satisfied, loyal and productive employees. Tailored strategic and behavioural learning solutions to encourage your employees to reach their potential while living your brand.

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Speaking & Facilitation

Bringing your audience together gives you a powerful opportunity to deliver your key messaging and give it a sense of energy. And to really get your audience interested, you need a powerful performance from your main speaker.

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Looking to improve your CX?

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What is customer experience?

Customer experience is the sum total of all interactions between a customer and a supplier.

It includes the quality and reliability of products and services, how quickly a customer receives attention, the attitude and behaviour displayed towards the customer, the promises a supplier makes – and whether they are kept – and indeed if the customer is helped in extra ways to make their life easier.

Turn customer experience inside out

We believe that great customer experience starts from inside an organisation and we can help you make small changes which will have a big impact on your culture, operations and most importantly how your customers perceive the quality of their experience.