Marketing Communications

Why are marketing communications important?

Good marketing communications get the right message, to the right audience, at the right time.

Your brand needs more than competitive advantage, it needs to tell a story. We help to define and tell your story so your brand matters, your position strengthens, and your organisational performance excels.

Customers today are empowered and want to find information quickly, so your marketing communications have never been more important.

What are the benefits of quality marketing communications?

Good marketing communications are an investment in your brand and will attract and help to retain the right customers. Using the right channel for the right message will build trust and rapport with your clients and improve their perception of your brand.

Intelligent marketing communications also provide a two-way channel for your customers to tell you what they want from your business, giving you direction and real-time feedback.

How we do it at Customer Plus

We use time-honoured marketing theory and hard-earned experience – facts, not fads – to make sure we tell your story effectively.

A multiplicity of channels are needed to make an impact and lasting impression. This is why we use an integrated approach through a variety of marketing channels including digital, advertising, PR, events and telemarketing.

Customer Plus works with you to make sure your marketing communications are delivering a return on investment.

Our marketing communications services:

  • All traditional print media
  • Content marketing
  • Copy writing
  • Website design
  • App design
  • Graphic design
  • Visual identity
  • Social media marketing
  • Paid advertising (search engine and social)
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Event management
  • Lead generation campaigns
  • Public relations
  • Video production
  • Photography
  • Public relations

How we engage with our clients

We listen

We start by listening to you to understand you, your business and your goals.

We propose

Our next step includes producing a professional and timely proposal, detailing exactly how we plan to execute our strategy to improve your customer experience.

We communicate

We will then assign one of our experienced consultants to be your first point of contact and to manage your project. We value face-to-face communication and so your introduction will be in person.

We cooperate

The outcomes you are looking for will determine the approach and strategy we use. Our work will help you understand how your business is perceived from your customer's eyes, what it should be like and why.

We deliver

We pride ourselves on our ability to build rapport, manage expectations and deliver results. You can expect professionalism, ease of doing business and excellent communication throughout our service.

We report

We will show you why and how improving your customer experience will improve your financial performance.

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