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Why is market research important?

Research allows us to fully understand and analyse your current situation of ‘where you are now’ so we can determine ‘where you want to be’. Market research allows us to understand your marketplace and produce a tailored plan to help you reach your goals.

What are the benefits of quality market research?

Well conducted research provides insight into the motivations and attitudes which drive your customers’ and employees’ behaviour. It allows us to quantify what is happening in your business and understand why. With this understanding we can develop a response which will allow you to achieve your strategic aims.

We use a variety of methods at Customer Plus including desk research, in-depth telephone and face-to-face research. The method we use for your business will depend on your needs. We will work with you to develop a questionnaire to capture the customer information required to move your business forward.

Customer and employee insight you can use

Volumes of data and reports can be overwhelming and of limited use, so we present our insight as simple recommendations you can implement in the short, medium and long term.

Use your research to benchmark against the best

Benchmarking against others lets you see how you compare. It gives you the advantage of knowing what you are doing best, and what you need to do to be the best.

One measure we use for benchmarking is Net Promoter Score (NPS) – the willingness of your customer or employee to recommend your organisation to a friend or associate. A key metric used across FTSE100 and Dow Jones companies, including customer service leaders like Amazon, Virgin and Apple. NPS is the current standard used across industry and market leaders.

Qualified and quality-assured research

Our consultants are qualified with relevant professional bodies including the Market Research Society and the Chartered Institute of Marketing to ensure quality.

62% of consumers will share bad experiences with others. Source: SalesForce

Our research services:

Customer satisfaction surveys

Capture the views and opinions of your customers using proven methodology, including NPS, through tailored surveys

Mystery shopping

An objective and realistic test of your actual service delivery measured against your intended standards

Focus groups

Creation, organisation and facilitation of focus groups to gain detailed qualitative insight

Employee engagement surveys

Capture the views and opinions of your employees using proven methodology, including Employee NPS, through tailored on and offline satisfaction surveys

Desk research

Informative secondary research using academic journals, current thinking and trend analysis to provide insight and set benchmarks

How we engage with our clients

We listen

We start by listening to you to understand you, your business and your goals.

We propose

Our next step includes producing a professional and timely proposal, detailing exactly how we plan to execute our strategy to improve your customer experience.

We communicate

We will then assign one of our experienced consultants to be your first point of contact and to manage your project. We value face-to-face communication and so your introduction will be in person.

We cooperate

The outcomes you are looking for will determine the approach and strategy we use. Our work will help you understand how your business is perceived from your customer's eyes, what it should be like and why.

We deliver

We pride ourselves on our ability to build rapport, manage expectations and deliver results. You can expect professionalism, ease of doing business and excellent communication throughout our service.

We report

We will show you why and how improving your customer experience will improve your financial performance.

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